Sunday, May 20, 2007


I am still working on the Chinese Coins. I have to get as far as I can on this because I have decided that June and July is dedicated to the memorial quilt to Wayne. I have 86 blocks to make and I have 2 done. I have pieces cut out but I need to get that done. Not only for my friend Julia's sake but for me too.

Fran tagged me for the 7 things meme. That was quite exciting as it is the first time I have ever done one or been tagged. So 7 things.....(if I can think of that many)

1. I am left handed. Therefore, I am right-brained so I am one of the few of this world that is in my right mind. To me, it also means I am pretty uncoordinated.
2. I am the baby of the family. Pretty old and pretty big at this point to be the baby but it is what it is.
3. I have been in banking 25 years as of July.
4. I have been quilting for about 6 years. I have always wanted to quilt or at least I was intrigued by the idea for years. But when I turned 40 years old I had a small panic attack about doing all of the things that I wanted to do but haven't started. I wanted to weave baskets, make quilts and do a stained glass window. I have a few baskets that I have made. Most proud of the Nantucket baskets I have made. Have completed about 30 quilts. Plan to start stained glass lessons in January once I have completed school.
5. I love to cross-stitch. Have made some beautiful pieces. But like quilts, I usually give my work away so I don't always have a lot to show for it.
6. I live by myself other than my furry baby, Bea. Have never been married but have never given up the hope that one day I will be.
7. I am a horrible housekeeper but a great cookiebaker.

So Fran, thanks for tagging me. I found it very endearing to be included. Gives me hope that someone other than my sister stops by my blog.

Chinese Coins to be update hopefully by next weekend. I did 7 rows of coins and have 4 rows put together. I am thinking that I may have to make another row. It will be about 65 inches long so I need to widen it. I wish I could make smaller lap quilts but I always feel like I have to add to it just so it will be a little bigger. I am like the cook that can't make a small meal.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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