Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Something Finished

I actually have something finished and delivered. The ring bearer's pillow is done and delivered...and before the rehearsal!!!

The other picture is my attempt at Chinese Coins from the stashbuster website. I was given the fat quarters from a Hoffman line at least 5 years ago. They have an oriental feel for me and that is not my usual style. Been looking for a way to use them for a while in some way. Hopefully this will all come together. I am not a naturally scrappy person so this is contrived scrappy. Will see how it goes.
Been tagged by Fran for a "meme". Another first for me. Will get that done as soon as I quit agonizing over this take home test that I am putting off (blogging instead of testing - imagine that)

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Anonymous said...

The ringbearers pillow looks wonderful! I'm sure the bride will treasure. Hope you got the take-home test completed.