Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fleece Cat

I have finally finished the fleece cat. I had some issues with skipped stitches. Fortunately I got some good advice from a quilting board - Backporch Friends and it worked. I also changed from the walking foot back to a regular foot and viola a finished quilt. I still have to cut the edges but I will get that done while watching tv. I have a new computer and am trying to learn to post pics so here it goes......

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

little project

I like to make tissue covers and there is a wedding that is coming that needs them for the bridesmaids luncheon. Green gingham check matches the men's ties. However, the fabric is flimsy and I am not able to do any special stitching on it. I would like to incorporate some eggplant on it but I tried stitching some purple hearts but the fabric pulled...what a mess!!!! I think that means that monogramming the back is out also. Sister, what do you think? Should I look for some different fabric and forget the gingham check. I want these to be sweet so I need some help.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Making Progress

The top is finished for the prayer quilt and will be at the LA'er by tomorrow. I am going to have it stitched in the ditch around the big blocks just for stability. Am requesting for her to write the words to Jesus Loves Me in the border. Then it will be ready for tying. The yellow thread on the blue strips really makes it pop. It is not perfect but perfect for Robin.
I am thrilled that I am learning to use the embroidery machine. I have had this Bernina Deco for over 4 years and this was the first time that I actually changed the bobbin. Maybe this machine will be more functional than I thought.
I have decided to make a pillowcase to go with this. This line of fabric is old but I knew that the LQS still had some. When I went to get it yesterday it was no longer there. How exciting it was to find it on the 50% off rack. Fortunately they had 1 yard left of the border fabric - just enough for the pillowcase. Just another blessing.....
Working on getting the back together before church this morning.
Happy Mother's Day to you all!!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Prayer Quilt

I am attempting to make a prayer quilt. This is the top that I am finishing...made with April Cornell's sunshine jelly rolls. This is for a Christian friend that is in need of prayers due to her medical condition.
I am going to put inspirational scriptures in the dark blue areas of the quilt. I am finally learning to use my embroidery machine. I am amazed to find out tonight that I have numbers on the machine. Maybe this machine is not the waste of money that I have felt like it has been.
As I am praying for my friend, please pray for me that I am able to finish this project so that it may help my friend feel the peace and comfort that passes all understanding. God is good all of the time. All of the time God is good!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's been too long!!!

You know that it has been too long when you can't remember your password to your blog and you have to have it reset. I haven't been blogging because life has happened. I haven't been sewing much because I have been distracted. I had some medical issues and it has freaked me out. I pray that is all behind me. So it's time to get undistracted. I have finished a rag quilt and will post pictures soon. I am working on finishing a flimsy that is laying around. The plan is to get some things to the LA'er soon as I have been squirreling away a few nuts so that I can get some done. It's not as much fun to make tops unless you are getting them quilted also.

I could use some encouragement. So if you have any happy thoughts or words of wisdom, please send them my way!!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bees Are Swarming

I don't cross-stitch very often but when I do I remember how much I enjoy it. These are the eight bees that I have done for our Ladies Day at church. Seven flew away last Sunday for finishing. I don't know what they are going to do with them but they go with the theme for the day. I got signed up to do this while I was out on medical leave. Unfortunately, I didn't feel like doing much while I was off. You know how it goes, had a long list to do and got nothing done. Someone at work told me that I made a list like I was going on vacation as opposed to recovering. Anyway, these are done and I am going to look through my things and find another cross-stitch thing to do in between the sewing. I am working on some baby quilts that I hope to post pictures on later this week.