Friday, December 28, 2007


Is there such a thing as blogger spam? I have gotten several comments on my blog that have nothing to do with my posts and appears to be some kind of advertisement. These comments aren't from anyone on the webring. How does this happen? I guess I will check into having to sign in to leave a comment. I don't like that idea because of family that leaves comments that don't have a blog. But....

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas trip

Well I am enjoying my only vacation for this year. I am visiting my sister and her family in Lexington, Ky. It's FREEZING up here!!! It was 26 degrees this morning. I have already forgotten what the weather was like last week in Florida when it was in the 80's. But we are having a great time! I am trying to get my Christmas shopping done. However, since I have only been in the quilt store and at Hancock's this week it is difficult to be buying for other people. I hit a great sale at Hancock's today. Sure wish we had one!!! They were having a grand opening sale and when we walked in the store, they handed us a $10 gift card. Everything I bought was on sale 50% off and then we got an extra 10% off. I managed to buy 12.375 yards of fleece and fabric for $51.05. Isn't that great? I am so glad to find this now as I am going on an unofficial no-buy for 2008. I am too chicken to join but I am going to have to try. I have more fabric than I can hold in my small sewing room. In 2008 my goal is to sew more than I buy. This may be more difficult than the usual lose weight resolution! We will see how it goes....Hope that you are enjoying the holiday season!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Birthday Present

Isn't this just the sweetest quilt!!!!! The friend that started me quilting had this fabric. Everytime I saw it, I just drooled. Of course, there was none to be found. She has had it in her stash and she just finished it. I was very excited for her. She found the flannel backing down on a guild bus trip to Rainbow's End. She stopped by the bank to show me all of her current projects. She pulled out this completed quilt. I was oohing and ahhing over it and noticed that she had put a label on the back. I started to read it and about fell over from the shock. My name was on the label!!!!!!!!!!!!! She made this for my birthday. To say that I was surprised in an understatement. It is so beautiful and I just love it!!!! I had no idea. Maybe she gave it to me because I had drooled over it so much. I have it on the back of my couch and me and Bea (my black cat) have already used it. It's warm and wonderful!!!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Flannel Fabric

Don't you just love flannel fabric!!! Us folks down in sunny Florida need it desperately during those long cold winter nights. It is finally fall down was 48 degrees this morning. Definitely sock weather!!!! A friend of mine and I drove over to Crystal River yesterday afternoon because the LQS newletter said that they had gotten in some new flannel. Seriously, flannel is not that easy to find down here because there is not a great demand. But I love it so we drove over and temptation just took over. Actually most of it was purchased with a gift certificate so I am not too broke but am thrilled over these colors. Bought the pattern Take 5 to make this by. You take 5 minutes, choose 5 fabrics and in 5 hours have made a fantastic quilt (quoting right off the pattern). Well it took longer than 5 minutes and I chose 6 fabrics and we'll see how long it takes to make. I am hoping that I have 5 hours next Monday on Veterans Day that I don't have to study or do housework so I can make most of this quilt. I even bought the backing so I am pretty committed. Please let me know if you have tried this pattern and what you thought.
My friend is borrowing my Turning 20 pattern to take on a retreat. Have any of you tried this? It says that it makes up in about 3 hours. Can quilt tops be made that quickly or am I just slow as molassess? And is it fun when you can churn them out like that? That's the quandry for me. I like the idea of getting a bunch of stuff down out of stash so I can alleviate my guilt of buying fabric when I already have so much. This may seem like post-buying remorse but I still love that flannel!!! I buy fabric like Halloween candy....just way too much!!!!
Have a good week ya'll!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Thank you Quilt Studio for not dropping my blog while I dropped off of blogland. I am back!!!! First let me show you a quilty thing
Now let me show you the back. Well I can't the picture to cooperate so the back is on top. This is a preemie quilt. I also have one in pink. They are precious. I found this fabric at the LQS for 75% off. So I paid approx. $2.25 per yard. I bought several yards but now what to do with it. Our local hospital does not have a preemie unit. The closest is at UF in Gainesville about 35 miles away. I don't know anyone there so I haven't pursued it. I would like to make some and donate them. If I knew any little girls I would give them away as doll quilts as I think that they are very old fashioned and sweet. In the meantime, I find that my cat has laid on them. Black hair really gives you away!

I will try to blog far more often. Life has been so crazy the last several months. The last term at school was the hardest ever. Mom had surgery. I have a new position at work. One thing will make you crazy but all of them combined almost sent me over the edge. I tried to keep up with other blogs but I didn't comment because I wasn't posting. However, new classes have started (and they seem to be better). I only have 2 more classes after this term. Mom is doing great. I am settling in at work.

I stopped by the local cross-stitch shop several weeks ago. It has been so long. I was so addicted to that for so long. I plan to have something to show from that trip real soon.

Have a safe and scary Halloween!!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I want to quilt!

I want to quilt! However, none of that is going on here. I have finals this week at school and I am having work done at my house. I have learned what a difference a word makes. I am having the house leveled. I am very excited about it. In talking about it I found out that my friends thought that my house was being LEVELED as in torn down. What I am having done is having my house re-leveled. My little cottage was built in 1948 and sits on piers. Due to water and erosion it has dropped in areas. It was like this when I bought it in 1998 and I have been wanting to have it done. It finally made the list. I guess that we won't be playing marbles for keepsies in the hallway now as the advantage is gone. So I am not sewing but am studying, cleaning and just trying to stay on top of housey things.

Hope that ya'll are getting lots accomplished!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

All About Harry

This weekend was all about Harry, Harry Potter that is. I ordered my book through Amazon who guaranteed delivery by 6pm on Saturday. That was best for me as I had to work Saturday morning and I know that I would have been reading it at work because I would have had no willpower. I got home by 1:30 and was desperately searching for a package left at my house. Mail had been delivered but NO book. I started to sweat. I went online and got the tracking number. When I went to UPS online, I got the message that the package had be scheduled for a later delivery date at my request. You could have peeled me off the ceiling. A quick phone call reassured me that my book was being delivered and that was a wrong message. 30 minutes later, Brown was knocking at my door and the reading frenzy started. What a wonderful book!!!! I would read and then stop because I was worried about what was going to happen to Harry. I am not going to give anything away to anyone that has not read but is going to read the book. I will say that if you have not read the series, then I encourage you to. I did not read them until the 6th book came out and I thought that I should start. They are wonderful, magical and greatly entertaining. I recommend them highly!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Scrap Baby Quilt

Finally getting around to posting. What has been holding me back is dragging out the camera cord so that I could post a picture. Of course, I also had to fold the laundry on the couch so it wouldn't show up in the picture. Yes, I know everyone has it but it doesn't mean that you want to see it. LOL
This is a baby quilt that I have played with this week. I feel like a Stashbuster. This came completely from scraps from the flimsy that I have done that will eventually get to my room (the shoemaker kids have no shoes ----I have no quilt for my bed). I am having a radical thought that I could possibly quilt this myself. I have a quilting sewing machine and am very used to my walking foot but have only tackled one baby quilt before.
You may be wondering why I am making a baby quilt. For several reasons, one - this is the rest of the scraps that I have and two - this is possibly for my furbaby Bea. She could have her own quilt (she has her own hand knitted throw) that matches her Mama's. We will see.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nothing quilty to show

Warning: A boring no pictures to show. I am just too lazy to get the camera out and hook it up. I am down to putting on the last border on my Laurel Burch quilt. I have never ripped so much in my life! I was putting on the last border and got lazy and just sewed the first side of the last border. Then the stashbusters had a thread on wavy and wonky borders when you don't do it right by measuring down the sides and the middle. And sure enough, it was wavy. I thought of the wonderful lady that does my longarm quilting and abruptly ripped it out. I can't get the umph needed to git r dun. Therefore, no pictures. I have put it aside to work on something else that I need to get done. However, only 3 small blocks done so it is not worthy of a picture yet. So have I justified no posting a picture yet.
In the meantime, one term finished and a new one started. Now down to 6 more classes after this one. I have 4 more that I will take this year and then just 2 to go until graduation on May 3rd. YEAH!!!
I have started cleaning my house. I mean really really cleaning. I have way too much clutter except in the sewing room. I need everything that I have in there. It just needs more space. So Flylady here I come. Wish me luck ya'll!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Something Finished

I have a finished flimsy!!! Is that the proper way to describe it? The top is pieced...have no idea when it will go to the quilter. I have a great feeling of accomplishment. This is my version of the Chinese Coins that I have seen on other blogs. I am calling it my version because I am not sure that it is exactly like everyone else's. The funny thing is how much I like it. I have said all along that I was doing this for the experience but these fabrics were not to my taste. They were a gift and I was using my stash. All this fabric I have had at least 4 years. However, now that it is done, I think that it is pretty. It will be interesting to see how I feel when I eventually send it out for quilting.
I wish that I knew how to place pictures on the blog. It is difficult to take out the camera and not take a picture of my baby, Bea. I added it second and it loads to the top. Not that she is not always on the top of my list but need to learn more on blogging. She is the sweetest thing. She is so tiny that I worry about her. I try to feed her up but she is not real interested in food.
Hope everyone is doing well and getting lots accomplished!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I am still working on the Chinese Coins. I have to get as far as I can on this because I have decided that June and July is dedicated to the memorial quilt to Wayne. I have 86 blocks to make and I have 2 done. I have pieces cut out but I need to get that done. Not only for my friend Julia's sake but for me too.

Fran tagged me for the 7 things meme. That was quite exciting as it is the first time I have ever done one or been tagged. So 7 things.....(if I can think of that many)

1. I am left handed. Therefore, I am right-brained so I am one of the few of this world that is in my right mind. To me, it also means I am pretty uncoordinated.
2. I am the baby of the family. Pretty old and pretty big at this point to be the baby but it is what it is.
3. I have been in banking 25 years as of July.
4. I have been quilting for about 6 years. I have always wanted to quilt or at least I was intrigued by the idea for years. But when I turned 40 years old I had a small panic attack about doing all of the things that I wanted to do but haven't started. I wanted to weave baskets, make quilts and do a stained glass window. I have a few baskets that I have made. Most proud of the Nantucket baskets I have made. Have completed about 30 quilts. Plan to start stained glass lessons in January once I have completed school.
5. I love to cross-stitch. Have made some beautiful pieces. But like quilts, I usually give my work away so I don't always have a lot to show for it.
6. I live by myself other than my furry baby, Bea. Have never been married but have never given up the hope that one day I will be.
7. I am a horrible housekeeper but a great cookiebaker.

So Fran, thanks for tagging me. I found it very endearing to be included. Gives me hope that someone other than my sister stops by my blog.

Chinese Coins to be update hopefully by next weekend. I did 7 rows of coins and have 4 rows put together. I am thinking that I may have to make another row. It will be about 65 inches long so I need to widen it. I wish I could make smaller lap quilts but I always feel like I have to add to it just so it will be a little bigger. I am like the cook that can't make a small meal.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Something Finished

I actually have something finished and delivered. The ring bearer's pillow is done and delivered...and before the rehearsal!!!

The other picture is my attempt at Chinese Coins from the stashbuster website. I was given the fat quarters from a Hoffman line at least 5 years ago. They have an oriental feel for me and that is not my usual style. Been looking for a way to use them for a while in some way. Hopefully this will all come together. I am not a naturally scrappy person so this is contrived scrappy. Will see how it goes.
Been tagged by Fran for a "meme". Another first for me. Will get that done as soon as I quit agonizing over this take home test that I am putting off (blogging instead of testing - imagine that)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's been waaaaayy too long since I have last posted. I have just started sewing again a couple of days ago. This past term at school was tough and I couldn't even think about quilting other than reading some blogs. Fortunately, the term is done and I made it through. Unfortunately, the next term starts tomorrow. However, there is a plan that possibly I can be finished by December. Then I could get back to a regular life. Anyway, I will have a picture of my stress relief (latest project) by next weekend.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

My youngest niece

My youngest niece will be here Friday night with her Mom and Dad. She is almost nine. She wants to make a quilt. So between work and school, we are going to make a quilt. I found the cutest Debbie Mumm cat fabric that I am going to use like a cheater quilt and the greatest cat head fabric for the border. I have to go to the LQS on my lunch today to get some black and white for inner borders. Hopefully, we can get this done during the week she is here.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

National Day of Quilting

National Day of Quilting has mostly been all day sleeping for me. Long work and school hours have caught up with me. However, now I have caught up on my sleep, I wanted to make a new block today in honor of National Day of Quilting. I had to some some green in for St Patrick's Day. Nothing like two celebrations in one. Of course, Bea is always right in the middle of it. These fabrics are ones that I bought in December for 40% off. I love them. Looks like this will be Bea's Christmas quilt. I hope to get a few more made before I start working on the term paper that I need to get done this weekend.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just checking in. Nothing to show as I am cutting triangles for My Blue Heaven. It takes a bunch!!! I can't wait to start sewing but need to have about 400 more before starting. Hopefully will have pictures soon!

Sunday, March 4, 2007


I am working on finishing the binding for this Can't Cut It Up quilt. When I get a new pattern I try to make more than one to get the hang of it. I have another one posted earlier. I still have a pink one that needs to be sent to the quilter. Hopefully, I will be able to have that quilted in the next couple of months. This may be for my spare bedroom. The pink one will actually be the first quilt that I have made that will actually be for my bed.

Here is the ring bearers pillow that I am working on. I am still adding beads. It is still about 3 weeks away from being finished but the wedding is not until May and my goal is to be finished the middle of April. It is also giving me ideas to design a very special pillow for my niece that is getting married May 2008. Her pillow will have to be over the top. If anyone has any great idea, please share!!!
Back to school this week. Am ready to get started. The more I attend classes then the closer I become to finishing. The fact that I might be able to graduate in December inspires me. I am tired. I am ready to be done.
Hope everyone has a great week and get's what you want accomplised!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Ring Bearers Pillow

Just a quick check in. I have been a slug this week since I have a week break from school. Finals were last week and I am excited to say that I earned an "A" in Managerial Accounting and in Investments. Registered for the next term that starts next week. I will be taking Human Resources Management and Strategic Management. In speaking with my advisor it is possible that I may be able to graduate in December. I have been on cloud 9 ever since. I am really tired of really gets in the way of sewing.
This week I have been working on a ring bearers pillow. Will post a picture when it is completed. I have forgotten how much I really enjoy cross stitch. Went to the cross stictch shop last week and renewed old acquaintances. I am going to have to do some more stitching I can already tell. Besides I bought a new Just Nan snowman pattern that I am just dying to start. I am excited about starting the ring bearers pillow. The wedding is not until May and I am over half way done. This will be a first! Too many times I have been making the pillow right up until the wedding rehearsal. Maybe I am getting too old to procrastinate that much.
Nothing quilty going on. Should be working on My Blue Heaven but I have stalled. Hope that you are having a good week.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Where does the picture go?

I am looking at my last post and my picture is gone. It is just a red X. So where did it go? Can others see the quilt and this is just to aggravate me? I have not had a blog long enough to be somewhat tortured as others have been by blogger. Maybe it is just my turn.
Nothing quilty to show today. I have finals at school this week. So any time sewing should be spent studying. However, in my breaks, I have cutting the pieces to My Blue Heaven and have cut out strips for the binding on 2 quilts. I am trying to get prepared to power sew next week when I have a break from classes before the next minimester begins.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Finished UFO

It's finally finished...YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had this "Can't Cut It Up" quilt waiting on the binding for almost a year. Just couldn't bring myself to start it. Cut out the strips last Sunday and just started stitching it down when I got home from school the last few nights. It was completed tonight. Of course, it was with the help of my instructor who had to cancel class tonight at the last minute (oh darn - does that sound sincere?) so I had more time tonight to git r done.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blue Heaven

I have finished and delivered the FSU fleece and am trying to resist the urge to go by more. It's was a fun, quick and inexpensive project. But I have other things to work on. I am putting my string blocks aside for the next month as I extensively concentrate on my next project. Have all of you seen Bonnie's new pattern, My Blue Heaven? I am going to try my best to make this. I have never attempted something like this but I have to do it. I spent most of the day yesterday with a good friend Julia. She lost her husband unexpectedly last year. She is broken hearted and all of us are broken hearted with her. Wayne was a very good man and I considered him to be a friend. You are not always friends with your friend's spouse but I think that I was lucky. I offered to make a quilt for her out of his shirts. Our friend Deby describes it best as it is our way to have his arms wrapped around her. We went through his closet yesterday and picked out some shirts and then headed to the quilt store(s) to find some sashing and border fabric. Julia is not a sewer but got into the groove very quickly about whether the fabric speaks to you or not. We came home empty handed (well 1 small yard that would do). I went to show her on Bonnie's page about string quilts and we saw the Blue Heaven quilt. It spoke volumes. After all, we had just picked out Wayne's blue shirts. We had 2 tan ones also. We both knew at the same time that this was the quilt to make. I am not a real experienced quilter and I am hoping that enthusiam will make up for any skills that I lack. This is not about doing a beautiful quilt for me but for having something that will bring comfort to a dear friends heart. And isn't that what quilting is all about? I pray about what is important to me so I am praying that this will be. Will keep you updated. Please wish me luck!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Something Finished

I finally have something finished. Granted it was just a small thing to do but it is done. I bought 2 of these fleece panels before Christmas. The plan was to bind them and give them as gifts. I don't know why I buy things 2 weeks before Christmas to make for presents because they never get done. But I digress......I did not how to put on the packaged binding that I bought for this so I took these down with me to the LQS to ask my friend. She had no idea but liked the panel so I shared one with her. The lady working at the quilt store suggested that I hem it with a specialty stitch using my walking foot. What a great idea!!! I did get the binding out and realized that it was only 3 feet long which meant I was going to have to buy 2 more packages (making the binding more expensive than the fleece). So I hemmed it using a fancy zig-zag stitch and it came out great. Took it down to my parents house so that Mom could see. This is my Dad holding it up so that I could get a picture. Plan on giving this to my brother if he likes it. So Rick if you are reading this, you need to claim it. Before Christmas there were bolts and bolts of this fleece. Now there are none. Since the Gators have won the national championshp everything Gator is at a premium. The funny thing is that I was able to pick up some FSU fleece at half price. I picked up 3 panels for my friend and I bought one for a neighbor. Sure would like to find a fleece panel for the University of Kentucky. (blatant hint for my sister who reads my blog) Anyway, it feels good to have something finished even if it is a small thing!

Saturday, February 3, 2007


I forgot to add this shot of Bea before ending my last post. I have been trying to get a closeup of her face. She is now sprawled out snoozing on my new fabric so I guess they are keepers.

Storms - New Projects

Prayers and blessings go out to all of the people that were effected by the tornadoes that hit Florida on Thursday night. I live about 20 miles from one of the areas that was hit. We received about 6 inches of rain and feel pretty waterlogged which is nothing compared to families who have lost loved ones and their homes.

Went to a LQS with a friend today. Glad that I am not on the no-buy program. She had most of these homespuns picked out for a rag quilt before I even got there! (have I been megged?) I love the make rag quilts and snuggle up under them. There were a great deal at $4.80 per yd. I also found minkee on sale for $8.00 per yd so I picked up some leopard skin for a backing for a jungle kit that I have not even started. But at half-price, I could not pass it up!
I have 34 blocks of my string quilt done. But I am getting bored. I want to put that down and start on something else. This is how I have so many UFO's and no so many finished projects. We'll see what happens. I have 2 tests again at school this week so I should not be sewing much and will be studying lots!!!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I am still working on the string blocks. I have 23 completed and 25 to finish. At least all of the strings are put together; I just have to add the corners.
School is going well this week. I got my test grades back from last week...96 in Investments and 95 in Managerial Accounting. YEAH!!!
Hope that everyone is having a great week.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Trying to post a picture

If this actually posts, this is my baby, Bea. As a proud Mom of this furbaby, I will be posting more pictures of her pretty face. She is a black Persian that will be 2 on Feb 5th. She likes to watch my sewing to let me know if I am doing it right. These are the blocks that I am working on. I am sure that you all recognize Bonnie Hunter's string X pattern. I am using patriotic reds and blues with a white fabric with stars. I have a great red for the inner border and I am going to have to find something for the outside border. I don't have anything and I have not found anything in the LQS that I have checked in. I can't decide on the size to make. Being a large person myself, I always want to make large quilts. Do you think there is a connectiion there???? :). I have the strips made for a 3 by 4 and the blocks are 14 inches. Do you think that is big enough? I have no plans for this quilt other than I wanted to do some string blocks.

On another note, I had 3 comments. That is so encouraging!! Thank you so much for taking the time to post something. I was asked if I was a student. I am a 46 year old student. I decided several years ago that I needed to finish my degree after working in the banking industry almost 25 years. I am a senior pursing a BS degree in Business Administration - Financial Management. I still plan to stay in banking. Also, thank you Sister for your anonomyous comments...I think that it is cool that you stop by to see what I am up to.

Hope the picture works as I plan for it to be the first of many!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


I haven't posted or done a whole lot of quilting this week. School is officially back and it is kicking my behind!!!! 4 nights a week in classes and homework is tough when working full time. I know that I have signed up for the classes and this is necessary so I can finish before I am 50 but it takes a toll. Enough whining about that....back to quilting. To keep on track to feel like I am doing something, I am incorporating the Flylady method of spending 15 minutes a day in my sewing room. I finally have all the strips cut out so when I go in, I am only sewing. 15 minutes goes by quickly and I find myself not as tired as I thought I was when I went in so it stretches to usually about 45 minutes. So progress is being made. What I haven't accomplished is reading the manuals to the digital camera so I can take pictures of my progress for the blog. Goals for this week: I have 2 tests so I want to make good grades, work 15 minutes in my sewing room everyday and have some pictures loaded to the blog by next Sunday night.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday night

Well it is Sunday night and I am in my usual panic mode of it's the end of a weekend and I have more to do than what I have gotten done. Don't you remember that from school....Sunday night with nothing to wear to school tomorrow plus you don't have your homework done? That would be me. Except tomorrow is a holiday and I feel extra pressure in not making good use of my time.
I am working on my first string quilt. Of course, I am using a pattern from Quiltville (thanks Bonnie). It is the Sting X Quilt and I am using patriotic fabrics with a white star background. I am using my stash (don't quite know how I have patriotic stash when I have never made anything patriotic but I do). I did have to buy my background. I am using foundation paper that I bought from Joann's. Do I have to remove that? It feels so much like interfacing. Can you tell that I am trying to do a shortcut? But I don't want to regret leaving it in if it will cause a problem later.
I purchased a digital camera from Circuit City so that I can start sharing photos with you. My first one will of my baby "Bea". She is a furbaby but she is my baby. I am reading all the manuals so hopefully I will be up and running on this soon.
I have enjoyed reading everyones posts and am starting to make comments. There are many talented people on this ring and I am awed by your work.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


How about those Gators???!!!! We are celebrating in Florida!!!!!! National Champs both in football and basketball. It's great to be a Florida Gator!!!! I have got to get the binding on my Gator fleece throw for my brother. As an alum I know that he is besides himself with joy.
Enough about football, let's talk about something serious....sewing. I am handstitching the bottom of the monogrammed pillow that I finished this morning. I really think that I will work on the binding for the Gator fleece. It would be a quick project to finish up. I am in the mood to work on projects, get them finished and keep my sewing room picked up. Since it's been cleaned up, I have enjoyed going in there to work. Let's see how long it stays that way.

Monday, January 8, 2007


The sewing room is cleaned up. Or it is better to say that it is the best it can be with all of the "stuff" that is in there. I have listed my UFO's. There are not as many as I thought that there were. However, that is only because I have not counted the kits that I have purchased but have not started. So here is the really true confession: BOM's that are all there but never started: Santa - Throughout the Year, Snowman - Throughout the Year, Monster Quilt, Kansas Troubles, LQS Christmas BOM. 3 of these are applique which I have never done before. Then I have 14 kits that have not been touched: Green chenille, Cream chenille, Safari kit, Crazy Quilt, Gators Too, Chenille Cuddler, Jack O Glory, Cat Scratch Kit, Great Pumpkin tablerunner, Cheniller, Raggedy Hearts, Redwork piece, Snowman felt purse, cell phone holder. Whew!!!! It's good to get that off my chest. Now that is behind me I feel like I can move on. My goal this week is to make a mongrammed pillow for a new friend and to start my rag quilt. Those are both fast and fun which I feel like I need to have a sense of accomplishment. Hope that you are getting accomplished what you want to have done!

Friday, January 5, 2007

To shop or not

Well, I haven't finished cleaning up/out my sewing room. I keep finding more and more stuff in little plastic bags. I had forgotten so many things that I have purchased. Many times I have wondered which I like more...quilting or buying things to quilt. Makes you go, hmmmmm. So I said, No more shopping. 2007 would only bring fabric to finish items not start new ones. I have made it to the 5th of the month. Then I got the call. A quilt store is going out of business in Dunnellon (about 20 miles away) and everything is 30% off. Do I go or stay home. What's a girl to do????

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Sewing Room

I am not starting the New Year off sewing but in organizing my sewing room. What a chore!!! I am grateful at this point that I don't have pictures to show because I would be mortified! However, maybe that would be my motivation to pick it up. I did go out and purchase 2 new 5 drawer organizers along with 2 more bins to help stash everything. I have started on my list of UFO's and projects still in the bag (I like the term PIGS - projects in grocery sacks) so I can decide which project needs my attention first for the year. So how many UFO's do you have? And does the number bother you? Maybe UFO's are like's only a number unless it bothers you. Just more of life ponderings....

Monday, January 1, 2007

1st Entry

I can't believe that I setup a blog account. After months of lurking on other quilters blogs I have taken the plunge and have gotten started. My first New Year's resolution has been completed. Now on to other victories..... It will be a while before I start posting pictures as I have to buy a digital camera and learn how to work it. I am looking forward to learning and being inspired by other quilters. Happy 2007 to all!