Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nothing quilty to show

Warning: A boring no pictures to show. I am just too lazy to get the camera out and hook it up. I am down to putting on the last border on my Laurel Burch quilt. I have never ripped so much in my life! I was putting on the last border and got lazy and just sewed the first side of the last border. Then the stashbusters had a thread on wavy and wonky borders when you don't do it right by measuring down the sides and the middle. And sure enough, it was wavy. I thought of the wonderful lady that does my longarm quilting and abruptly ripped it out. I can't get the umph needed to git r dun. Therefore, no pictures. I have put it aside to work on something else that I need to get done. However, only 3 small blocks done so it is not worthy of a picture yet. So have I justified no posting a picture yet.
In the meantime, one term finished and a new one started. Now down to 6 more classes after this one. I have 4 more that I will take this year and then just 2 to go until graduation on May 3rd. YEAH!!!
I have started cleaning my house. I mean really really cleaning. I have way too much clutter except in the sewing room. I need everything that I have in there. It just needs more space. So Flylady here I come. Wish me luck ya'll!


The Carolina Quilter said...

When you get done cleaning your abode, come on down to mine--it is in major, major need but the only time I'm ever home anymore I'm exhausted. I can't imagine adding school to my existing load!

Deb said...

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. Love your baby, she is really beautiful. But of course I am partial to the furry felines.

Fruit Jar Nicky said...

I've been working on a Laurel Burch quilt too. No Laurel Burch fabric in it though. I think I may have to work some in somewhere. I love her "stuff."