Sunday, July 15, 2007

Scrap Baby Quilt

Finally getting around to posting. What has been holding me back is dragging out the camera cord so that I could post a picture. Of course, I also had to fold the laundry on the couch so it wouldn't show up in the picture. Yes, I know everyone has it but it doesn't mean that you want to see it. LOL
This is a baby quilt that I have played with this week. I feel like a Stashbuster. This came completely from scraps from the flimsy that I have done that will eventually get to my room (the shoemaker kids have no shoes ----I have no quilt for my bed). I am having a radical thought that I could possibly quilt this myself. I have a quilting sewing machine and am very used to my walking foot but have only tackled one baby quilt before.
You may be wondering why I am making a baby quilt. For several reasons, one - this is the rest of the scraps that I have and two - this is possibly for my furbaby Bea. She could have her own quilt (she has her own hand knitted throw) that matches her Mama's. We will see.


Anonymous said...

You should quilt it yourself, that's a great idea! Of course, that's only if you think you are going to have time to actually do it. I'm sure Bea would like to have a quilt of her own. I'm sure she already thinks all the fabric in your sewing room is hers!

Sonnja said...

What a lovely quilt.
Kind Regards,