Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I want to quilt!

I want to quilt! However, none of that is going on here. I have finals this week at school and I am having work done at my house. I have learned what a difference a word makes. I am having the house leveled. I am very excited about it. In talking about it I found out that my friends thought that my house was being LEVELED as in torn down. What I am having done is having my house re-leveled. My little cottage was built in 1948 and sits on piers. Due to water and erosion it has dropped in areas. It was like this when I bought it in 1998 and I have been wanting to have it done. It finally made the list. I guess that we won't be playing marbles for keepsies in the hallway now as the advantage is gone. So I am not sewing but am studying, cleaning and just trying to stay on top of housey things.

Hope that ya'll are getting lots accomplished!

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Angie said...

Oh, a cottage on stilts! Oh what lovely pictures those words bring to mind. I want to see it!! Could you maybe post of pictures?? :> And I too love to shop for quilt supplies...LOL...as a matter of fact I do a LOT more of that than I do the actual sewing/quilting--or so it seems. :P