Sunday, October 28, 2007


Thank you Quilt Studio for not dropping my blog while I dropped off of blogland. I am back!!!! First let me show you a quilty thing
Now let me show you the back. Well I can't the picture to cooperate so the back is on top. This is a preemie quilt. I also have one in pink. They are precious. I found this fabric at the LQS for 75% off. So I paid approx. $2.25 per yard. I bought several yards but now what to do with it. Our local hospital does not have a preemie unit. The closest is at UF in Gainesville about 35 miles away. I don't know anyone there so I haven't pursued it. I would like to make some and donate them. If I knew any little girls I would give them away as doll quilts as I think that they are very old fashioned and sweet. In the meantime, I find that my cat has laid on them. Black hair really gives you away!

I will try to blog far more often. Life has been so crazy the last several months. The last term at school was the hardest ever. Mom had surgery. I have a new position at work. One thing will make you crazy but all of them combined almost sent me over the edge. I tried to keep up with other blogs but I didn't comment because I wasn't posting. However, new classes have started (and they seem to be better). I only have 2 more classes after this term. Mom is doing great. I am settling in at work.

I stopped by the local cross-stitch shop several weeks ago. It has been so long. I was so addicted to that for so long. I plan to have something to show from that trip real soon.

Have a safe and scary Halloween!!!!!

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swooze said...

Nice job. Great find! Do you have a local LINUS group? They should be able to help you locate someone with a need.