Sunday, November 4, 2007

Flannel Fabric

Don't you just love flannel fabric!!! Us folks down in sunny Florida need it desperately during those long cold winter nights. It is finally fall down was 48 degrees this morning. Definitely sock weather!!!! A friend of mine and I drove over to Crystal River yesterday afternoon because the LQS newletter said that they had gotten in some new flannel. Seriously, flannel is not that easy to find down here because there is not a great demand. But I love it so we drove over and temptation just took over. Actually most of it was purchased with a gift certificate so I am not too broke but am thrilled over these colors. Bought the pattern Take 5 to make this by. You take 5 minutes, choose 5 fabrics and in 5 hours have made a fantastic quilt (quoting right off the pattern). Well it took longer than 5 minutes and I chose 6 fabrics and we'll see how long it takes to make. I am hoping that I have 5 hours next Monday on Veterans Day that I don't have to study or do housework so I can make most of this quilt. I even bought the backing so I am pretty committed. Please let me know if you have tried this pattern and what you thought.
My friend is borrowing my Turning 20 pattern to take on a retreat. Have any of you tried this? It says that it makes up in about 3 hours. Can quilt tops be made that quickly or am I just slow as molassess? And is it fun when you can churn them out like that? That's the quandry for me. I like the idea of getting a bunch of stuff down out of stash so I can alleviate my guilt of buying fabric when I already have so much. This may seem like post-buying remorse but I still love that flannel!!! I buy fabric like Halloween candy....just way too much!!!!
Have a good week ya'll!!!!


Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh I love that stuff too and I agree, you can't find it out here in Florida - at all!!!

I got a great bundle when I flew back West a couple years back. Naturally they have quite the stash up at the Mountain Shops.

I like what you picked up and I have a friend that lives in Ocala. ;) I'm just north of you in jville.

The Carolina Quilter said...

We have the Take Five pattern here at the store and it is super fast and easy and has been a great seller. We have several customers who have made Turning Twenty and like it as well. I just made a Yellow Brick Road in blue, purple and green batiks for my nephew for Christmas and it went together very quickly.

CresceNet said...
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