Monday, February 18, 2008

Fallen off the wagon

I have fallen off the stashbuster wagon. Glad that I am not officially no-buy because apparently I am a weak woman!!!! Stopped by Joann's yesterday to pick up some more border fabric and found the flannel on sale. Have I ever mentioned how much I love flannels and rag quilts? I bought most of it for $2.00 per yard. It took every bit of self control to only buy for 1 rag quilt. I really wanted more. Not that I needed that but I found some really cute pink and green flannel that I was able to find some coordinates. I will post a picture when I get it made up. I am still working on my Chinese coin quilt. It is taking forever! But I have discovered why....apparently my math skills weren't quite up to par when I was making the coins. I almost have the rows done and have figured out that I have enough for 2 quilts. Which is why I had to go to Joann's to get more border fabric. Sorry that I don't have pictures but I will as soon as I really have something to show. I have finals this week for school. I am down to only having to attend 16 more classes before graduation. Can't wait!!!!!!

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Beth said...

What's your degree in?

I graduated back in 2000, and had a major case of senior disease..was so ready to be done.

Congrats to you! I'm sure your family is bustin' with pride!