Sunday, April 13, 2008

Working on a Wedding

It's good to be back to blogging. It's the same old story of where I have and school. This week finishes school - graduation is May 3rd. It is finally here! I have been doing some sewing but I am not ready to show that yet. However, with school winding down the next project is the wedding for my niece Kathleen. My sister Kay and I are giving the bridesmaids luncheon. It is going to be soooo fun! I'll share details as they finalize. I wanted to have some kind of party favor so that is what I have come up with

It's a tissue holder. The pattern is from the Ami Simms site. I have to send in my donation to Stl Lukes for the privilege of using it. We are going to put on the invitations to bring their favorite story of Kathleen and Lane and we'll provide the tissues! The fabric is valentines fabric that has been marked down since it is after the holiday. Can't get any better than that! Now I am off to work on the ring bearer's pillow.....


Anonymous said...

Very cute - I really like this. I think it will make an excellent favor for the bridesmaid luncheon!

Ami Simms said...

So glad you found the tissue holder pattern at on my web page. Great idea for shower favors!

In case anyone else wants to use them, here is the link: