Sunday, January 21, 2007


I haven't posted or done a whole lot of quilting this week. School is officially back and it is kicking my behind!!!! 4 nights a week in classes and homework is tough when working full time. I know that I have signed up for the classes and this is necessary so I can finish before I am 50 but it takes a toll. Enough whining about that....back to quilting. To keep on track to feel like I am doing something, I am incorporating the Flylady method of spending 15 minutes a day in my sewing room. I finally have all the strips cut out so when I go in, I am only sewing. 15 minutes goes by quickly and I find myself not as tired as I thought I was when I went in so it stretches to usually about 45 minutes. So progress is being made. What I haven't accomplished is reading the manuals to the digital camera so I can take pictures of my progress for the blog. Goals for this week: I have 2 tests so I want to make good grades, work 15 minutes in my sewing room everyday and have some pictures loaded to the blog by next Sunday night.


Meredith said...

15 minutes of quilting is something I have been doing and it has helped me to stay focused on finishing some of my UFOS. Good luck with the digital camera. I cheated and had my husband teach me just before I started my blog in December.

The Carolina Quilter said...

You'll love the digital camera--I haven't visited your blog before (we have such a large group now it's hard to get around and catch up with everyone). Are you a college student?! Good luck with your studies and your busy schedule.

Anonymous said...

Good job staying focused and quilting some each night!! Stay with school work also, you won't regret getting the degree.