Monday, January 8, 2007


The sewing room is cleaned up. Or it is better to say that it is the best it can be with all of the "stuff" that is in there. I have listed my UFO's. There are not as many as I thought that there were. However, that is only because I have not counted the kits that I have purchased but have not started. So here is the really true confession: BOM's that are all there but never started: Santa - Throughout the Year, Snowman - Throughout the Year, Monster Quilt, Kansas Troubles, LQS Christmas BOM. 3 of these are applique which I have never done before. Then I have 14 kits that have not been touched: Green chenille, Cream chenille, Safari kit, Crazy Quilt, Gators Too, Chenille Cuddler, Jack O Glory, Cat Scratch Kit, Great Pumpkin tablerunner, Cheniller, Raggedy Hearts, Redwork piece, Snowman felt purse, cell phone holder. Whew!!!! It's good to get that off my chest. Now that is behind me I feel like I can move on. My goal this week is to make a mongrammed pillow for a new friend and to start my rag quilt. Those are both fast and fun which I feel like I need to have a sense of accomplishment. Hope that you are getting accomplished what you want to have done!


Granny Fran said...

Welcome to Blogland and Quilt Studio. You'll find that blogging gets to be as addicting as quilting. Due to my involvement in Quilt Studio I've also gotten into photography, (to use in my quilts) which I never expected. I look forward to seeing your photos.

Meredith said...

Welcome to Quilt Studio. I a m also new to the ring and blogging. I have a list on my blog that has ufos and others. I look forward to crossing the next one off!

Anonymous said...

What are UFOs?