Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday night

Well it is Sunday night and I am in my usual panic mode of it's the end of a weekend and I have more to do than what I have gotten done. Don't you remember that from school....Sunday night with nothing to wear to school tomorrow plus you don't have your homework done? That would be me. Except tomorrow is a holiday and I feel extra pressure in not making good use of my time.
I am working on my first string quilt. Of course, I am using a pattern from Quiltville (thanks Bonnie). It is the Sting X Quilt and I am using patriotic fabrics with a white star background. I am using my stash (don't quite know how I have patriotic stash when I have never made anything patriotic but I do). I did have to buy my background. I am using foundation paper that I bought from Joann's. Do I have to remove that? It feels so much like interfacing. Can you tell that I am trying to do a shortcut? But I don't want to regret leaving it in if it will cause a problem later.
I purchased a digital camera from Circuit City so that I can start sharing photos with you. My first one will of my baby "Bea". She is a furbaby but she is my baby. I am reading all the manuals so hopefully I will be up and running on this soon.
I have enjoyed reading everyones posts and am starting to make comments. There are many talented people on this ring and I am awed by your work.

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