Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blue Heaven

I have finished and delivered the FSU fleece and am trying to resist the urge to go by more. It's was a fun, quick and inexpensive project. But I have other things to work on. I am putting my string blocks aside for the next month as I extensively concentrate on my next project. Have all of you seen Bonnie's new pattern, My Blue Heaven? I am going to try my best to make this. I have never attempted something like this but I have to do it. I spent most of the day yesterday with a good friend Julia. She lost her husband unexpectedly last year. She is broken hearted and all of us are broken hearted with her. Wayne was a very good man and I considered him to be a friend. You are not always friends with your friend's spouse but I think that I was lucky. I offered to make a quilt for her out of his shirts. Our friend Deby describes it best as it is our way to have his arms wrapped around her. We went through his closet yesterday and picked out some shirts and then headed to the quilt store(s) to find some sashing and border fabric. Julia is not a sewer but got into the groove very quickly about whether the fabric speaks to you or not. We came home empty handed (well 1 small yard that would do). I went to show her on Bonnie's page about string quilts and we saw the Blue Heaven quilt. It spoke volumes. After all, we had just picked out Wayne's blue shirts. We had 2 tan ones also. We both knew at the same time that this was the quilt to make. I am not a real experienced quilter and I am hoping that enthusiam will make up for any skills that I lack. This is not about doing a beautiful quilt for me but for having something that will bring comfort to a dear friends heart. And isn't that what quilting is all about? I pray about what is important to me so I am praying that this will be. Will keep you updated. Please wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet thought! I think heart will be much more important than technique on this quilt, but I also know that you are an excellent quilt maker.

Meredith said...

Way to go on your ufo completion! Don't you feel great?