Saturday, March 17, 2007

National Day of Quilting

National Day of Quilting has mostly been all day sleeping for me. Long work and school hours have caught up with me. However, now I have caught up on my sleep, I wanted to make a new block today in honor of National Day of Quilting. I had to some some green in for St Patrick's Day. Nothing like two celebrations in one. Of course, Bea is always right in the middle of it. These fabrics are ones that I bought in December for 40% off. I love them. Looks like this will be Bea's Christmas quilt. I hope to get a few more made before I start working on the term paper that I need to get done this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Great picture of Bea (and the quilt). Sounds like you are staying very busy. I understand that a certain young niece is expecting to make a quilt with you on Spring Break!

Granny Fran said...

I have a fuzzy black cat that looks much like that except for those brilliant eyes. He adopted us, but refuses to let us touch him. He lives in our shed and begs for food at the back door, but after 3 years he still keeps his distance.